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Top Quotes from Son to Wish Happy Anniversary to Mom and Dad

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Top Quotes from Son to Wish Happy Anniversary to Mom and Dad

How do you feel when you see your parents sharing a fantastic relation? Don’t you find it a combination of two soul mates together? On top of that, what’s your reaction to a chance to wish your parents a very happy marriage anniversary?  Do you feel delighted or on cloud nine? Do you organise a party or celebrate with them only? Resultantly, there are a number of emotions; sentiments adjoined to it. 

To add a cherry on the cake, wishing a happy anniversary to mom and dad with beautiful quotes will make their day more special. Quotes are a form of expression, a gesture to show your warmth to your parents. Moreover, when the wishes come from son, it adds distinct flavours because it is usually believed that a male child finds it hard to convey the feelings. 

So keeping in view, there are some quotes from son to wish parents happy anniversary:

  • You are an epitome for all the parents out there. Love you to the moon and back. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad.
  • You are a stanchion of my life. I’m because of you mom and day. Happy Anniversary!
  • You always set milestones for me, and I also endeavour to cross them. I wish you a tremendous passing year together.
  • I have set a landmark to make you happy always. I would always maintain it. Love you, mom and dad.
  • You both never shared your pain with me even though I knew everything. Hats off to you. Happy Anniversary!
  • You being together taught me everything patience, solidarity, teamwork, and much more. Be there as my guide forever and ever.
  • Through thick and thin of my life, I have seen you both as strong support of each other. I wish you more years of togetherness. Happy Anniversary!
  • Dear mom and dad, on your silver jubilee, I wish you love, warmth, and contentment of both worlds. Happy Anniversary, lovely couple!
  • You both set an example that marriages can last so long. You guys are really an inspiration. 
  • I am proud to be a son of such daring parents. I have to learn so much from them. With lots of love, Happy Anniversary!
  • You met each other, you got married and shared a wonderful relation. Feel delighted to be your son, my lovely parents.
  • I sometimes feel that you both got such a handsome son. You must be proud of me. Happy Anniversary!
  • You have crossed every hurdle of being amazing parents, and your guidance has given me away. Happy Anniversary to both!
  • I have noticed the hard work of dad and the determination of a mother to support. I love you both. Happy Anniversary!
  • I have seen many parents, but no one is in comparison to you. Happy Anniversary beautiful couple!
  • You must marry a person with whom you can live your entire life, so my dad did. I am proud of you, daddy. Happy Anniversary!
  • It’s time to celebrate the memories together to be forever. Happy Anniversary to you, my parents!
  • Holding each other in difficult times is the real relation in life. Happy Anniversary mom and dad!
  • I feel proud to be known as your son. On this auspicious day, I wish you a long life together. Happy Anniversary!
  • Two souls share the same heart; that’s my mom and dad. Happy Anniversary!
  • Anniversary is not about pricey gifts and grand parties, but a celebration between close hearts. 
  • Oh, dad, you are such a hero for me who handled everything so well. Hats off to mom as well for her patience. Wish you a great wedding anniversary!
  • No doubt today is your wedding anniversary, but every day you both showed me a way to live the relation. 
  • It doesn’t matter if you did love marriage; standing for each other in difficult times built your relation. Happy Anniversary to love birds!
  • Your discipline made me an amazing individual. Keep showering your blessings on me, my dear parents.
  • Love is eternal and is seen in you both. You are a great epitome of love. Happy Anniversary!
  • I must say, mom and dad, you got such an amazing son. Just kidding, wish you a Happy Anniversary!
  • I don’t need anything as I have my best parents. Happy Anniversary!
  • Hey dad, my mom wishes to spend her next coming years with you. Hey mom, dad wants to savour tasty food cooked by you only. Hey mom and dad, I wish to be your son for the next life, as well. Happy Anniversary!
  • How you guys figured out that you are perfect for each other? Wish you an amazing anniversary, mom and dad.
  • When I grow older, I want my wife to be a mixer of you. No doubt it’s tough, but I wish Happy Happy Anniversary!
  • Generally believed that the son is closer to mom and daughter to dad. But you both gave me immense love to prove this wrong…Happy Anniversary!
  • Golden jubilee witnesses everlasting relationship mom and dad. Wholeheartedly wishing you a grand wedding anniversary!
  • I am grateful to be your son, how well you keep me, love me, guide me. What else do I need? Happy Anniversary to my parents!
  • The golden words, the shine of diamonds, and freshness of flowers fade in front of you both. Love you, Maa and Paa!
  • When was the last time dad when you proposed mom? If you don’t remember, do it today on an anniversary. Happy Anniversary!
  • You have always overpowered with every good thing. Wishing you a happy anniversary, mom and dad.
  • I have spent 18 years with you mom and dad enjoying every day. The values you nurtured in me is priceless. Happy Anniversary!
  • Unite of two beautiful souls gave birth to me. I am so lucky. Happy Anniversary!
  • I feel proud to be your son! Happy Anniversary, my life!
  • Getting married is what everyone does. But being happy together for years is not possible for all. That makes you uncommon.
  • By seeing you daily at good times and bad times, I feel that 20 years have passed just like that.
  • Mom and dad, you must be awarded best parents, best friends, and best supporters. Wish you a great anniversary. 
  • Hey mom and dad, I am shy at heart. I hardly get ways to express. However, now I would say, love you both a lot. Happy Anniversary!
  • You both are not only parents but are real friends. You share a wonderful relation which makes me proud. Happy Anniversary!
  • I don’t have the words to explain to my parents. I am speechless in front of them. Just wanted to say Happy Anniversary with love!
  • You guys taught me the flavour of friendship and frankness. Thanks to you for teaching me all the lessons. Happy Anniversary!
  • You are an inspiration for every married and getting a married couple. I wonder how you manage all? Happy Anniversary!

These are some of the most beautiful quotations for your moms and dads who have spent incredible years together. They are the charm of life, and without them, one couldn’t imagine a life. To make a special day extraordinary, dedicate these quotes to them on their wedding jubilee. As on every step of our life, parents are ready to bring joy to our lives, identically, you must even fill their day with enthusiasm.

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