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Top Mother’s Day Quotes from a Son

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Quotes are a special message, conveying unique meaning in a few words, but unlimited love and expression. These are soulful communication which could bring a great smile on the face or leaves a warm-hearted message reminiscent throughout life. Similarly, the Mother’s Day quote from son gives out of the world feel. 

Quotes From Son

The relation between mother and son is always phenomenal making them so close to each other. Just as it is known that son for mothers and daughters for dad is wonderful and gives a chance to savor a sweet and sour relation. A step forward in care, a step ahead in love is always multiple steps upfront. To explain, to make your extra care in front of your mom on this special Mother’s Day, you could convey with these quotes:

  • My mother teaches me every little thing. She is way more than awesome. 
  • I hardly express myself, but my mother taught me so. 
  • The son who loves his mother unconditionally is a son worth for. 
  • My mother is like a tree, she protects me, give values and show direction. Love you, Mom!
  • The whole world is on one side and my mom is on the other. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • I always make chances to complain, but you hide everything so well to secure me. You are the best!
  • The mother-son relationship is far more amazing than other relations as the mother understands the untold feelings. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • To the son, parents are the best, but my mom is the best. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • My mother guides me in every step. She has remarkable ways to solve my problems. I love you a lot!
  • A girl has a long journey from a wife to mom, handling everything with love and care. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • No matter how a son is, the mother always treats him like he is best. 
  • Mom, I have never explained my feelings for you. You are incomparable, like an angel with a beautiful heart. 
  • I call myself fortunate to be your son. You are truly a phenomenal mother!
  • You hardly have an imperfection. Your style is so wonderful!
  • You are the epitome of perfection, versatility and love the ocean.
  • I even sometimes don’t understand my feelings, but it is surprising how you do?
  • I am just similar to my mother fierce, fighter, respected and a strong competitor/ Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Dear mom, from my birth, you have taken every decision for me which always kept me on the ladder of success. Happy Mother’s Day Maa!
  • Your smile makes my worries fly. I feel blessed to have you around always. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Your mesmerising beauty and pure heart brings a smile in the house. Stay special. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • She never let anyone harm me. She could fight anyone for me. I sometimes feel, how she manages everything?
  • Oh God, I want to thank you that you gave me such a special mom who loves me more than my brother/sister :P. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • I started learning everything from you. Your suggestions give me a new way. Wish you Happy Mother’s Day! 
  • I annoy you, I am mischievous. I trouble you, I am cranky. But still, you love me unconditionally. 
  • When I was in school, you remained awake for nights and now when I am in the office, you again wait for me to come back. You are always the same. 
  • I always need you around me. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • I hold maximum fights with you because we fight more with those whom we love maximum. 
  • My day starts with your smile. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Every morning when I see your face at first, I feel delighted. You are a special mom!
  • You are a friend to me mother to whom I could share anything. 
  • God cannot be around all the time, so he has given mom to everyone. 
  • You cook my favorite food, you buy me favorite clothes, you bring my desired toys to make you feel contented. When I grow older, I promise to buy every happiness for you. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • There is nothing I am possessive about in my life, but I am highly possessive about you mom. 
  • I am the sun to my mom, I am proud of it. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • I hope to have a girlfriend like you mom, a wife having nature like you so I could never be short of love. 
  • I thank you, mom, to keep my always guided and on the path. 
  • You hold the purest heart on the earth. Everyone around looks up to the mother for everything. 
  • Behind every successful man, there is a woman, and behind every successful son, is a mother. 
  • Every day you pray for me, mom. I am so lucky to be blessed always. 
  • You are no less than a miracle on this planet. Your presence in itself is complete. 
  • No matter how old you are, for me, you are still pretty. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • I never like seeing you cry, mom. Never be sad.
  • Mother is that teacher who guides for every single thing in life not until school time, but for a lifetime. 
  • You never let tornado of worries come around me. How do you do all that? Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Mom, you never share your pain, show your sorrows. This makes me strong to be like you. 
  • I troubled you 9 months, annoyed you 9 years, but will protect you for 9 lives. 
  • You are my true friend mom. You are like a best friend to me.
  • Mother is an all-rounder personality who can do anything effortlessly.
  • Mothers’ involvement in the kid’s life is beyond calculation.
  • Like human beings cannot live without water, identically, a house is nothing without a mother.
  • Motherhood is an exquisite experience, beyond everything.
  • Being a mother is not giving birth to a child, it is about nurturing a child.
  • You hold my hand for a short time, but hold my heart forever!
  • The more you care, the more she feels. She is the love of every heart, she is a mother.
  • I always have my mother as a role model for me. She stood by me at every step.
  • You are a charm, a miracle mom. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Even if you are far from me, I always find you near me.
  • Of all the gifts I received in my life, my mom is the best one.
  • No matter how far I am, our bond, our relation is hard to change.
  • Your charisma can enlighten anything and everything mom. You are my superwoman. Happy Mother’s Day beautiful!
  • No man is strong without a mother. 
  • Mother is someone who is ready to listen to anything. 
  • The most beautiful word in the universe is ‘Mother’.
  • Mom is the one person who fills the heart with emotions. 
  • Even GOD has to learn things from the mother as she is so perfect.
  • She is not paid for any care, for her love, but her duty is 24*7. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • To describe you in words is not possible by anyone. You are a magical mom.

To love your mom is the most wonderful thing in the world. One cannot forget the learning, guidance given by mom. I wish every coming day for my mother is as special as she is. On this Mother’s Day, just quote her in mesmerizing words and make her life beautiful. Don’t forget to wish her as she is the most phenomenal person.

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